JG is a food and restaurant search portal that provides complete information to guests about restaurants and their services and lets them choose the most apt restaurant based on their requirement.

How does one search restaurants?

With foodsnearme.com restaurants can be searched based on specific location, cuisine and restaurant types (Fine dine, rooftop, Pub etc) one can also find restaurants based on ambience and mood (pool side, Romantic, Candle light dinner) and use keyword search with specific names of restaurants and cuisines

How to search restaurants?

In the search fields enter the specified location and in the restaurant type enter Cuisine or the restaurant type you want to find and click search. You can also type in the name of the restaurant etc in the keyword search. Filtering Restaurants on the basis of Vegetarian and Non vegetarian is also made available. 

How to access Restaurant Menus?

After entering the details and searching. In the restaurant listing there is a menu icon for each restaurant by clicking it one can view the restaurant menus and the same implies to view the restaurant photos when clicked on the Photos icon.

Can we get a description of Restaurants?

Yes you can know about the restaurant with its description. After entering the search fields and searching by hovering the mouse on the restaurant name you will able to get a short description about the restaurant.

How to find restaurants based on moods?

After entering the details and searching in the left hand division of the screen you will find the Moods and occasion and one has an option of filtering restaurants based on the mood filter.

What details of a restaurant can a guest know?

One can browse the menu cards and costs of the dishes and explore the cuisines served, know about promotional offers, Buffet Rates and book a table or make an enquiry one can find out the restaurant location with Google maps.

Can we find the restaurant location with the site?

Yes all the restaurants are provided with a Google map with the help of which the exact location of the eatery can be traced. There is a location icon in the restaurant listing and Map tab in the restaurant details page with which once can access the location with Google Map.

How to get an overview of the restaurants?

After the listing of restaurants when clicked on a specific restaurant one can view entire details of the eatery and find the reviews posted by guests who have previously visited that restaurants and ratings.Based on these one can know the pros and cons of a restaurant and plan accordingly.

How does a guest post a review about a Restaurant?

In order to post a review about a restaurant one has to sign up and register as a foodie then once the mail is verified one can login as a foodie on to the site. Then search the restaurant and go to its detail page and below  the details is an option to post review and rate the Restaurant

How is a restaurant rated on the site?

A restaurant is rated on the basis of  average of  ratings that guests have given it when they post a review.

What is Roadies?

Roadies is a special section designed for travelers who want no hassles in finding good food in the journey. It is an open platform where people can upload restaurants, Dhabas and various street foods.

How to search Restaurants and Dhabas on highways ?

Click on the Roadies link on the site and on the left hand division there is a search option enters the details and search.

Can a user upload details about restaurant or Dhabas or any other eatery they come across during their journey?

Yes, Roadies comes with a option where anonymous users can upload details of the restaurants and the eateries that they come across. Click on the Roadies link in the Home page and in the Left division click the Upload restaurant link below the search fields to upload restaurants.

Do I have to pay any amount upload Restaurant Data in Roadies?

No  the restaurant upload for the user  is free of charge. Users  have to fill a form with a few details as they will be accredited for giving foodsnearme.com the information.

Can a user upload Photos of Dhaba or Restaurant as well?

Yes while entering the details there is an option of uploading Photos of the Restaurant/Dhaba.

Can a user upload his personal information along with restaurant details?

Yes a user can upload his personal information like Name and photo which will be displayed along with the restaurant so by accrediting the user for his contribution to the site.